CELO is an international group of companies dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality technical screws and technical fixings. While remaining a traditional family owned business, in the last 20 years we have multiplied our sales by six. A significant part of our growth has been achieved upon the acquisition of several companies such as Apolo SL , MEA Befestigungssysteme GmbH and Trident Fasteners Inc . These companies have added a lot of value to our group: talented professionals, high quality products, and new markets.

Conscious of all this value, we have been very sensible to maintain the brand names as they are the “signatures of guaranteed quality” for our customers. However, our international growth adds new challenges.  In recent years, many customers have expressed their concerns that managing different brands was adding complexity to their businesses and operations.

So, in order to makes things simple and easy for everyone, we have planned to unite all our high-quality fastening products in one strong international brand: CELO.

The brand changes, but the high quality and the technical performance of the products remain untouched.

CELO knows that small things make our world work, from the largest buildings to the smallest fixings, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Our world is made up of small pieces that together are part of something bigger.

CELO knows its importance, and therefore, as specialists, take care of each piece from the design to the assembly providing the latest technology and innovating to do it better every day.

Indeed, that groundbreaking new visual formed the basis for a brand-new corporate video presenting CELO as a global and innovative company, reflecting our ability to work paying attention to the details in order to deliver the best experience to our clients in all the markets we operate in.

Small Things Matter and foremost as metaphor for “caring for everything we do”, symbolizing our new corporate moto and overall philosophy. This concept is key to CELO’s future as we make further moves onto new International markets, not only with sales teams, but also by opening new facilities to supply these markets directly and by developing strong local partnerships for distribution.

Ever since the beginning, designing innovative products and services that reduce both costs and installation or assembly time has been the undercurrent driving CELO. This is what has helped us take bold strategic and client-oriented decisions, which made us groundbreakers and now has made us Global Fasteners leaders. Today, with our new brand identity, at CELO we’re raising the bar a notch higher, marking a new chapter in our history.

Ramón Ceravalls

General Manager of CELO
ramon.ceravalls @celo.com